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Travel Chess / Checkers Game by Sondergut


7.4 ounces
Rolled: size of a small picket umbrella Unrolled: 10″ x 12-2/3″ playing board with all game pieces
Anthracite suede board rich, deluxe feel perfect for travel, camping & coffee shops

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Product Description

Travel Chess / Checkers Game by Sondergut

Here is a video of our backgammon game (no chess video yet.  Sorry!).  Same size, same function … different game … video

Take the game with you! The Sondergut leather chess board rolls up to the size of a pocket umbrella (10 x 2”). Great for travel or the home! Whether relaxing on the beach, are in an airplane or at the hotel lounge, you can play chess almost anywhere — and with style. Or, flip the pieces over and play a game of checkers. This hand-sewn, full size board in velvety, gray / ivory checker suede has a rich look and feel. German Design. When the game’s over, store the pieces in the brass zippered pocket. When rolled up, the size is 10 x 2”. Open the game and the board is full sized at 10 x 12-2/3”. Fits in your handbag, backpack and even your back pocket! Instructions included.

Everything about the game was designed with two things in mind: To weigh next to nothing and be the highest quality travel game on the market.

Weighs less than 1/2 a pound.

Also available is our backgammon game. Sold separately.

Designed in Germany by Sondergut.

Comes in a beautiful retail box with chess and checker game instructions.

16 playing pieces per color are: 1 x King, 1 x Queen, 2 x Castles (Rooks), 2 x Bishops, 2 x Knights and 8 Pawns. Playing pieces are 2cm in diameter.

Makes a great gift — even for yourself.

Enjoy photos of the games having fun here

Great for cruise ship travel, keep it in your RV / camping trailer, take with you on your bicycle tour around the South Island of New Zealand, craft beers at the pub with a friend, a weeklong rafting trip through the Grand Canyon or a month-long hike along the Colorado Trail and downtime at the beach. Where will you take your Roll-up Travel Game by Sondergut?



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