Za-Zen Zen Garden

Za-Zen Zen Garden


These table top zen gardens are of fine quality hand made in Austria. It is kept simply to reflect the mind of Zen.

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Za-Zen Zen Garden.   Model name is Novice.  Peace at your fingertips…

This miniature zen garden reflects a part of the very old history of Japanese garden culture and can be used for meditation, as a decorative element or to generate energies in rooms.   SIZE  13 x 9 x 1-1/2″
HIGHLIGHTS:  Zengarden with black wooden frame, plywood board, white sand in plastic bag, wooden rake, minimum two natural river washed stones, booklet including worthful information and directions for use.  The river rocks represent the mother, father and child.

Feel free to add your own rocks or sentimental things.


As far back as the 7th century, the Japanese held theories on the creation of recreational gardens, reaching beyond the constraints and restrictions of practicality.  During the Heian period (about 800 – 1200 AD), the idea arose to lose oneself in poetic, periodic motion.  The garden emerged from poetry to bring inspiration allowing the person to cultivate their relationships with the gods of the air and sea.  Further enhanced by the Zen Buddhist declaration in the 16th century to make every action a ritual for meditation, the Zen garden became a simple and undemanding means of meditation.

The ability to express your creativity in a Zen garden is vast and infinite. Enjoy our gardens without borders in your imagination.

Learn more about Zen gardens motifs and their meanings in our 24-page comprehensive booklet that comes with every Za-Zen Zen Garden.


Novice:            13 x 9 x 1-1/2”


Inclusions: wood board, wood rake, 2 – 3 washed river stones, white sand and the 24-page Zen Garden Booklet – all in a white artist’s box.

Za-Zen is the name for a meditation in which you concentrate on a simple activity without allowing your mind to get disturbed by any other thoughts . It is a powerful tool for managers to achieve deep concentration, plus it can be used as a nice home decoration, soothing your eyes.


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